Happy New Year! Introducing the Spirit of the Southwest Collection

  Goodbye 2017, hello 2018! I don’t know about you, but it’s been one hell of a year for me and I’m actually excited to see it go. I’m also excited to introduce my first collection, ever! Inspired by my growing up in the city where the West literally begins, this collection will explore the
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MerMay 2017 Recap with Speedpaints

MerMay Challenge 2017 Recap and Speedpaints

May is the host of the wonderful MerMay challenge where, you might have guessed, artists work with a mermaid theme. Being both a lover of mermaids and a lover of puns, I decided to dive right in this year. See what I did there? Instead of doing a small sketch a day, I decided to
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Dear Etsy: A Breakup Letter – It’s not Me, It’s You

  Dear Etsy, It’s not me, It’s you. I remember our on-again, off-again days. Back in 2007, when I had my first shop with you. It was flirty and fun and exciting. Rushes every time a heart appeared on my screen, tears of joy when you alerted me of a sale. When we started getting
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Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month – Here is My Story

  You know someone who is mentally ill. 1 in 5 adults in the United States – 43.8 million people – struggle with mental illness during a given year. And yet, only 41% of them get any sort of medical care. That percentage plummets among minorities. And it’s only getting worse. Instances of mental illness
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How to find your spiritual path

How to Find Your Spiritual Path

“I have spoke with the tongue of angels I have held the hand of a devil It was warm in the night I was cold as a stone. But I still haven’t found What I’m looking for.” -U2 Finding your spiritual path can be a rough road. Some people are lucky to fall right into
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Behind the Name Lily Lion Labyrinth

Naming anything is hard. Shakespeare might argue that names¬†don’t matter, but ask any magician and they’ll tell you words have power. What’s in a name? Well, a lot. ¬† Lily Lion Labyrinth takes its name after three of the most sacred symbols of my spiritual path. They were chosen because they embody the qualities I
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