Lily Lion Labyrinth is the culmination of my life.

I grew up building houses for leprechauns and leaving cookies for the Fae, as my aunt taught me. I heard stories of my native heritage; caught crawdads with my bare hands; saw tornados touch down and lightning explode the green sky. 

I still believe in the Fae. In gods and goddesses; angels and demons. I still believe everything has spirit and we’re all connected via an intricate web. I believe in Wyrd; in Animal Medicine; in working with spirits and that crystals can heal. 

I am a chaos artist. Like my magician counterparts, I do whatever works to get the job done. Sometimes that involves getting messy with clay. Sometimes it involves bits of leather, bone, and fur. Sometimes it involves dump trucks full of glitter.

Whatever it takes to bring the little sparks of magic inside me out into the world for you to see, touch, feel. To bring magic to your life. Always with love and good vibes, because this is my true passion. 

This is my purpose.


About the Artist

Hello, my  name is Katherine, and I'm the artist and owner behind Lily Lion Labyrinth.

I grew up in Fort Worth, Texas. Currently I reside in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and love it here. Especially the fall. I mean, just look at it.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Religious Studies and psychology, as well as 2 years of studio art under my belt. All of which greatly influence and inspire me, along with my heritage, mythology, and shamanism. 

I am a trauma survivor, so working to erase the stigma around mental health is extremely important to me. 

I am a member of the LGBT+ community.

I am also an at-large member of the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma.

And lastly, I am an avid tea lover.

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