Dear Etsy: A Breakup Letter – It’s not Me, It’s You

Etsy Break


Dear Etsy,

It’s not me, It’s you.

I remember our on-again, off-again days. Back in 2007, when I had my first shop with you. It was flirty and fun and exciting. Rushes every time a heart appeared on my screen, tears of joy when you alerted me of a sale.

When we started getting serious in 2014, I was ecstatic. You promised me the world: great exposure, beautiful environment, low prices. You said I’d never again feel invisible. That with hard work and dedication, I could become your bae.

But you’ve changed.

I thought it was a coincidence that three out of seven orders were from different Sharons. And that there was sudden interest in my work down in Kentucky. That I had 1-2 orders every day for nine days in a row, then suddenly not a single sale for the next seven. That my views followed a similar pattern.

Then I got to talking with your other partners and exes. They said you had done the same thing to them. I denied it and wrote it off as paranoia or a giant conspiracy theory. Not my Etsy, I said. You were sweet, and cared about your clients, and got down in the dirt with us to help lift us up. You built one of the most amazing communities I’d ever been a part of, and you listened to me.

But denial can only get you so far. You pit the artists and artisans you claim to support against mass-produced bootlegs. You went public and things became a disaster to the point of your CEO resigning due to plummeting earnings. You advertise other seller’s items in MY shop unless I give you an additional $15 a month for my own “website”, which is basically just an ugly version of my store that you still completely own. You said it’s because the buyer experience is more important, but you forget that the majority of your profit comes from sellers.

I’m not leaving you completely. But I’ll never see you the same way again. You are being downgraded from being the host of my store to being a form of advertisement. You only get to host a selection of my art instead of my everything, and I will no longer sing your praises but issue caution to blossoming artists.

So while you are busy suspending stores in bulk right now, I am mourning the loss of the hopes and dreams you gave me. Melodramatic? Maybe. But at least I still have my soul.

Broken-Hearted in Boston,


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